Beach Babes

Some pics from our beach days this summer.
Beach days

This summer…
Jacob discovered that there are fish at the beach. That doesn’t sound quite right (or like he’s “quite right”). He knew there were fish in the ocean, just didn’t realize they came that close to shore. The kids were with Matt when Jacob made this discovery. Jacob brought home a water bottle full of ocean water with a crab claw and a few shells inside. Which Nicholas later tried to drink.

Jacob’s two favorite things are to let the waves knock him down. And lay face down in the water looking for creatures. No, concerned stranger, he’s not drowning. He’s doing that on purpose.

Here’s a hermit crab he found in Perdido Key.

Hermit crab

He’s going to have ton of fun when we go snorkeling. Maybe next summer. When Nicholas is a stronger swimmer.

He’s getting there. Nicholas was doing so much better last time he went swimming in the neighbor’s pool. Being Nicholas, once he decides to do it, he’ll learn it in a matter of hours. I told him we could go see the manatees in Crystal River when he can swim well. (Something I really want to do.)

"I was here"

“i was here”

For now, he’s good with laying in the surf and building things in the sand. Which is cool with me. One less kid to worry about getting caught in a rip tide. This summer anyway.


    Happy Birthday, Nicholas!

    [My biggest little fan has been asking why I haven’t posted any pictures of his birthday yet. Sorry, sweetie.]

    Look at this guy.
    baby Nicholas

    And now look.
    Happy Birthday Nicholas!
    He’s 7.Time slips away so quickly.

    For Nicholas’ birthday he wanted a pink strawberry cake.

    Notice the tiny piece he cut himself. That’s about all he ate of it. I took it upon myself to be a good citizen and finish it off for him. Oh, the sacrifices we make for our children.

    Happy Birthday my sweet Nico!

    nicholas birthday



      Happy Birthday, Jacob!

      Jacob is 9. Holy crap. Where did the time go? Seems like he was just this guy:

      baby jacob

      And now he’s this guy:
      happy birthday!
      In his last year of single digits. Crazy.

      Jacob was super excited to get the entire Diary of a Wimpy Kid series from Grandma and Grandpa.
      jacob birthday

      Nicholas, however, was quite upset to learn that square box was not Wii Party. Because he totally expected to get gifts on someone else’s birthday.
      sad face nico

      But later on he made a really cute card for Jacob. And everything was right in the world.
      happy birthday disco cat
      It’s hard to see, but that is our cat Gamer and he’s saying “lol.”