It’s hot as hell out. 100 degrees is the forecast, and we don’t have air conditioning. It barely exists in Europe. Hot weather means eating popsicles and trying not to move much. And going thru photos.

Here are few of my favorite summer moments.

Having a beer with Grandma and Grandpa in Munich. You can’t tell from my mom’s face, but these one-liter glasses are seriously heavy. And we made her hold it up for several pictures.

The view of Neuschwanstein, in spite of all the ugly scaffolding, in Hohenschwangau.

Getting angry at the Mirabell Palace gardens in Salzburg.

Walking thru the dunes and in the freezing water of the North Sea in IJmuiden.

The joy of seeing dirty dishes on other people’s counters (and the gardens) on the garden tour in Amsterdam.

Getting weird with statues in Thorn and Den Bosch. And Erkelenz.

The beauty of decay in the unrestored ceiling of the Church of Saint Peter and Paul in Mechelen.

Making faces in Dusseldorf.

Being superheroes and sleeping in “animal beds.” And sampling cheese in Alkmaar. Wandering around in Lille. Window shopping in Monschau. Seeing the flower carpet and Belgian Royal Palace. Eating ice cream. Taking silly pictures. Naps in the car.

And growing up too fast.

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