Better late than never, right? (Because Halloween was like 2 weeks ago.)

Halloween seems to be slowly catching on here in Germany. There was a slightly bigger (still tiny) Halloween section in Real (aka the German Wal-Mart) this year and, word is, more German trick-or-treaters. We don’t get any in our village; I don’t even buy candy. But I hear that in the towns more densely populated with Americans, there were a lot more German trick-or-treaters in the mix. They might not be in costume or know what to do, but they know they ring the bell and get candy. (BTW, Germany. This is how we invade your culture. Free candy. Watch your back; we have fun size Snickers.)

This year Nicholas’ choice of costume evolved from Batman (I was going to make him be Adam West Batman) to a vampire to the “Easter Egg Bunny” (the costume he wore two years ago). Score one for mommy for not having to make a new costume. And he was the cutest little bunny skipping and hopping along.

Jacob, who always picks something elaborate and difficult to make (he wanted to be the Lorax one year), chose Sackboy from the Little Big Planet video game. Okay. Not too bad, except yardage of burlap is as difficult to find as it is to sew. I was about to give up and try to fashion it from burlap sacks when I finally found it at the garden center. And at just 7€ for 1.6 x 6 meter piece. (Think I’ll use the leftovers to upholster a headboard.)

The biggest challenge was the head. I didn’t want it to be like the dinosaur head which he wore for approximately 5 minutes. To look right, the Sackboy head would have to be big. So I thought I’d put it on a stick. He could just hold it up…and it could be two sided! I cut it out of cardboard, stapled fabric and burlap and glued on the face. Not the best idea. I used the thick cardboard that came sandwiched between the my car tires. I didn’t account for the weight. He carried for…approximately 5 minutes. Ugh.

In hindsight, I should have made it one sided and like a shield with straps so he could wear it on his arm and hold it over his face when he wanted. (How this would mean I wouldn’t end up carrying it, I don’t know.) I also realized why we never decorate for Halloween. Always too busy crazy-last-minute making costumes.

These pictures are from the “trunk or treat” at the nearby army base. Kiddos were way too excited to stand still for pictures. I do (still) fully intent to put them back in their costumes for more pictures. Maybe this weekend.

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From Halloween 2012. Shot Oct 31, 2012

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