Christmas market season is here! A good list of European Christmas markets is available here.

Of all the Christmas markets we’ve been to, my favorite has to be London.

We visited two years ago on the “preview” night before the Christmas market officially opened the next day. (If the kids look small, that’s why; they were.) It was the last night of our first trip to London. This was the most grand of all the Christmas markets I’d seen—there were elaborate set ups, crazy-big carnival rides and vendor booths that stretched over and along the bank of the Thames. After a week of hotel beds and lugging a stroller up and down tube steps, we were beat. So we stayed in the park had a pint on cask, cotton candy and gummies. Jacob desperately wanted and was so happy to get a Sponge Bob balloon. I thought we’d deflate it and take it home the next day, but he let it go when we got back to the hotel.

M O R E   P H O T O S
From London Christmas Market. Shot Nov 19, 2010 in London, England

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