Children’s Carnival parade in Sittard, NL

Sunday was the Children’s Carnival parade (Kinderoptocht) in Sittard in the Netherlands.

at the 2013 children's Carnival parade in Sittard, NL

Sittard, NL Carnival parade 2013

Sittard, NL Carnival parade 2013

During Carnival season, a parade is held for and by children—usually the day before the big parade on Carnival Monday/Rosenmontag. The kinder parades are more “kid friendly” (read: less pushing…slightly) with various school groups participating. Children of all ages dress in costume and march in the parade.

Sittard’s 2013 children’s parade was February 3. This was one we’ve heard about since we moved here and watched once on their web cam. And it gets a nice write up on a local (living GK) blog. It was, however, in Jacob’s words, “horrible.”

Our expectations weren’t high, but one thing we were expecting: CANDY. No candy was handed/thrown out. Very, very, very different than Cologne last year where Nicholas (even being younger and slower than the other kids) came home with a sizable bag of candy.

Jacob was sick and missed Cologne. In Sittard, he was expecting candy. Lots of it. So were we all. Imagine him in his blue bunny ears, angry face, holding an empty bag as the parade marched by. I felt so bad. So afterward we went to the store and bought candy. Poor guy.

Lesson learned: Parades in the Netherlands are “horrible.” At least that lesson only cost us 2.20€ in parking (and considerably more in candy).

I did go back and check that blog. They did say “treats” were handed out. I knew I read that! Of course they also said parking was difficult, which it’s not.

Now to find another parade for the kids (in Germany, with candy). We’ve planned to go to the Shrove Tuesday Carnival in Binche, Belgium, but don’t think they give candy either.

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From Sittard Children's Carnival Parade. Shot Feb 3, 2013 in Sittard, NL

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