Sometimes I have these flashes of brilliance. Like when I figured out I could clean the tile wall in my German bathroom with a mop. Or put lemon juice in a Misto and spray guacamole to keep it from turning brown.

I’ve been trying, for a while now, to figure out how to erect a Festivus Pole. And in the spirit of Festivus, do it with minimal time and effort, so we can can get on to the most important part: The Airing of Grievances.

Queue flash of brilliance. Aka Christmas tree stand.

how to make a diy festivus pole
DIY Festivus Pole
This whole project should take approximately 2 minutes and cost less than $20. Mine was $0 because I happen to have all this crap laying around.

1 Christmas tree stand
1 Shower rod
Sign & Decorations (optional)

1. Stick shower rod into Christmas tree stand
2. Tighten screws
3. Erect the pole
4. Begin airing grievances

I’m quite sure that to my neighborhood HOA-holes this looks like a stripper pole. So I added a “Happy Festivus” sign to clarify. You can make your own sign or use mine. Click here to download.

Decorating the pole is 100% optional. If you want to get technical, a traditional Festivus Pole should be unadorned. I went with the lazy I mean traditional pole.

Don’t know Festivus? Read about it here.

diy festivus pole

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