A look back at ghosts of Christmases past.

Grand Place at Christmas - Brussels, Belgium

One of my favorite places to be in December (or any other time of year really) is Brussels. The Grand Place is spectacular at night. The Christmas market sells little bites of heaven—chocolate, beignets, macarons and cuberdons. There’s an ice rink, ferris wheel, luge and two amazing vintage carousels.

We were here for Zwanze Day at Moeder Lambic in 2012. Afterward we watched the lights in Grand Place, ate at the market stalls, witnessed some sort of protest march, laughed at the closed “non-stop sex show” and the “visit America” display in a travel agency window, intoxicated by the city and maybe a little Cantillon.

Brussels, Belgium Christmas market

The next day, we returned for carousel rides and big white sausages. The kids strangely chose to ride the exact dinosaur and rocket they rode when we visited two years earlier. And then, in true Belgian fashion, it began to rain.

Christmas in Brussels Belgium

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