So it’s *cough* January 28 February 4 *cough* and I’m just getting around to the Christmas pics. Yeah, yeah. I know. Two weeks off work, a week in Texas, and I’ve been a busy little bee trying to get some things back on track. Like finishing projects before starting any new ones (sooo hard).

And now, a few days since I first wrote that ↑, I find myself with a new project. Finding a new job. Yea corporate restructuring! If you know me in real life, you know I knew this was inevitable. Change was necessary, obvious. That’s just based on what I saw from the walls of my cubicle, the small picture. Hoping for best (for my position to evolve with the change) and expecting the worst, I long ago made the conscious decision to ride this one out. And I got what I expected, not what I hoped for. What I didn’t expect is that 70% of my department would be cut. But I digress…

On the upside, I get to serve the remainder of my days working from home (a luxury previously only afforded to my coworkers), and now I can run in the park in the mornings. Or drink beer on the beach. Whatevs.

On to it! Here are some pics from Christmas.

Christmas 2014 obligatory photo in front of the tree
Obligatory kids in front of the tree shot. Jacob was not too happy to comply.

Nic loves that scooter - Christmas 2014
Both got scooters. This is huge: Nicholas said, “I love my scooter more than video games.”

Oh the times you wish you were shooting video instead of stills. Jacob wiped out immediately following this shot, rolled and skidded across the pavement
Jacob wiped out immediately following this shot, rolled and skidded across the pavement. How I wish I was shooting video instead of stills. Didn’t get any shots after this one—too busy thinking about the possibility of a trip to the ER on Christmas. Unnecessary. He had just a few scrapes. And always 2 hands on the scooter after that.

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