Yea! to finally crossing some things off my to-do list. I bought this dresser at a thrift shop for $25…way back in September. It’s no lie when I say I have a million unfinished projects.

It was pretty beat up and had water damage on the sides, but big, solid, 25 bucks and it fit in the back of my car? Done. Honda Fit is the best car ever, btw.

midcentury dresser diy before and after

Now, I know what you’re going to say. “Omg! Why did you paint the wood wah, wah, waaah.” For starters, the damage was extensive enough that refinishing the wood really wasn’t an option. It looks much better in the “before” pic than it really was. There is sooo much wood putty on the sides. And secondly, it’s mine.

I do have serious, serious issues with painting wood. When someone paints good wood (especially if it’s painted white), sands it in random places and then TRIES TO SELL IT. Oh, yes. Shabby chic is still a thing here. Why will it not die! BUT if the furniture is yours, for your own personal use, that’s a different story. Paint it, decoupage it, cut it apart, whatever as long as you love it. Just don’t destroy it with a gross shabby-shite makeover, then try to sell it to me as “refurbished” or “updated” because it’s not any of those things. end rant

So I painted it, and Jacob picked the color. It’s Pantone Zinnia, this great citrus orange, in Valspar Signature semi-gloss. I must have said, “Are you sure?” 20 times before buying the paint. I’m really happy he didn’t change his mind, because I love it. And it looks great with his blue walls.

The lack of drawer pulls was a bit of a problem. “The cabinet in my room, how do you open it?”

Now he has a space for his clothes, and we have more space in the garage. Just kidding. There’s a brutalist Lane dresser in it’s place now. Rest easy, wood nazis. That one won’t be getting painted.

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