Short introductions.

Jacob: Kid #1. At age 7, is pretty much like at age 6, except Minecraft, Minecraft, MINECRAFT!!! (I sometimes call it “Mind Craft” just to annoy him.) Is pretty good at skateboarding. Is allergic to cats, but hugs them all anyway.

At age 6: Hobbies include talking LOUD and talking LOUDER. Current obsessions: Lego Hero Factory guys, talking loudly about Lego Hero Factory guys. Inability to be still or quiet for more than 10 seconds. Wants to change his name to Chris.

Nicholas: Kid #2. At age 5, can finally put on a pair of socks (!). Not always the right way, but who cares, right? Is in advanced kindergarten. Is over being Superman. Also obsessed with Minecraft. Attempting to unseat his brother as grand-champion loud talker. Loves Play-doh. Still hates babies.

At age 4: Can read at (at least) a kindergarten level, but can’t put on a pair of socks in under 10 minutes. On any given day, is “Superman” and refuses to be called anything else. Hobbies include breaking apart his brother’s Lego Hero Factory guys, screeching. Hates babies.

Matt: Parent #1. Joker. Homebrewer. Renaissance man. Encyclopedia for obscure pop culture references.

Then there’s me.

Megan: Parent #2. I write this crap. Once upon a time, I had a career with big fancy title. I worked in marketing, as a copywriter and a graphic artist, and I managed a web site. Now I deal with shit on a much more literal level; I’m a stay at home mom. I love art, architecture, design. I believe in a lot of things, but not taking life too seriously. I drink a beer most days of the week. I do Insanity, but my “recovery formula” usually involves chocolate. Love to eat, don’t love to cook. Suck at most things domestic.

About blahbloblog:
In June 2009, we boarded a plane in Texas and touched down at Brussels International. We had two kids in diapers, and whole lot of excitement/skepticism/fear/optimism about what lay ahead. We’d live and work in Germany for the next four years. Specifically in Karken, Heinsberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen and attached to NATO Airbase Geilenkirchen.

For Christmas 2009, Matt gave me this blog. It would be a way to chronicle our adventures and keep up with family back home. That year I made blogging my New Year’s resolution. Like every resolution, it lasted about a month.

Fast forward four years and we’re back in the states. Now with a five year old and a seven year old. And a mortgage and all its trappings. Trying to still live a life of adventure while stuck in suburbia.

This blog is about the things I love. Usually that’s traveling, raising kids, drinking beer and trying to make sense of this crazy, blessed life. It’s my visual scrapbook, a web log in the true sense.

There are gaps and holes, infrequent posts and an enormous backlog of photos on my hard drive. Sometimes months go by where I don’t post anything because, well, life is too short not be out living it.

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What’s with the dumbass name?
One day I was watching Arrested Development—the one with Bob Loblaw—and I thought, “I should pick a name that’s totally hard to prounounce, easy to misspell and completely unmarketable.” Plus all the good blog names were taken.


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