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So here’s a good place to confront your mortality. The Church of All Saints Ossuary, aka the Czech bone church, in Sedlec-Kutná Hora, Czech Republic. The story goes: A Cistercian abbey with underground chapel in Sedlec was founded in 1142. One of Sedlec abbots traveled to Jerusalem in 1278 and brought back a handful of dirt which he scattered in the monastery’s cemetery. With this,…

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Posted by December 27, 2011

In 2012, we’re going Prague, Budapest and Copenhagen. Trying to everything finalized and booked. Couple things have got me really excited. 1. Student Agency Buses. A bright yellow luxury tour bus based in the Czech Republic with free coffee, free wifi, a stewardess. In spite of what the name implies, it’s not only for students (they do get a discount). Granted, not as fast as…

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