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Worst snowman ever? Possibly. The day after it snowed Matt rolled the trampled down, melting snow into a dirty, leafy, lumpy snowman. With walnut eyes and nose, Christmas tree branch arms, a leaf for a mouth and bicycle helmet. So ugly. So funny. The kids delayed destroying him long enough for me to get a picture. Then they ripped his arms out and stabbed him…

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Snow day!

Posted by December 19, 2012

Been a relatively mild winter for Germany (so far). We had approximately two days of snow and now are back to lower to mid-40s temps. That’s how winter should be, right? It snowed on a Friday; the kids were up at 6:30 the next morning to play in it. I made them wait until after 8 to go out for their scheduled snowball fight. I…

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Pics of the day: Snow

Posted by January 31, 2012

First snow of the season: Jan 30. Jacob was so excited to wake to snow. He was screaming and laughing throwing snowballs at Matt while he scraped the car and salted the driveway. He woke Nicholas and probably the rest of the neighborhood. Nicholas kept asking where the presents were. He thought since it was snowing, it was Christmas. After school, Jacob made this sad…

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White Christmas

Posted by December 26, 2010

I stuck a ruler in yesterday evening. Nearly eleven inches. In the picture of the trash cans, you can see how much fell since we put them out Thurs nite. They didn’t pick the paper recycling (blue lid) up Thurs or the regular trash up Fri. Hopefully they come Monday. We missed the pick up last time so have month load of trash&em; both cans…

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Dreamy snow pics

Posted by December 23, 2010

Here are some pics from our drive to Schinnen Tuesday morning. They’re taken with my iPhone in a moving car so they have a sort of surreal quality to them. Not to mention the Hitchcock swarms of crows. I suppose the surreal part is appropriate given that it “never snows” here. It warmed above freezing later that day. We saw snow falling from the trees….

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Shovel rides

Posted by December 20, 2010

Saturday Matt went out the shovel the snow off the driveway and back patio. Jacob went out to help. I looked out the back window and this is what I saw: Matt giving Jacob a ride around the yard on the shovel. It snowed quite a bit since Sat afternoon. I took a ruler out this morning. We have about 5-5.5″ inches accumulated. We were…

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Effin snow

Posted by November 30, 2010

Snow sucks. We were going to go the Xmas market in the Valkenburg Caves today. And I need to go to the post office to ship some boxes. But it snowed. Started yesterday afternoon. Big flakes while we were out, so we went home. I slid out of the Edeka (grocery store) parking lot and speedily drove home at 50kph (that’s like 30mph). The kids…

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